Taxi Guide wants to ensure that taxi customers are aware of their rights, and thus becomes well-informed taxi customers. Taxi Guide OSLO is operated by Taxi Depot AS.

We believe that a customer’s return from vacation is not over until he or she is safely back in their own home. It assumes that the passenger knows what he is entitled to and that the driver follows the regulations that are set.

Taxi guide will guide the customer in the jungle of taxi offers so that they can easily make good choices. We are a neutral party in the taxi market and therefore should not interfere in the competition and make certain exchanges in better light than others. Our task is to facilitate a neutral and efficient settlement of taxi services at the airport. At the same time as we offer IT infrastructure and waiting facilities for the taxi industry on the one hand, we work actively for good passenger experiences on the other.

Taxi Guide works with AVINOR so that you as a customer gets the best treatment possible when you arrive and need to get from A to B in a short matter of time.

Read about your rights here.