We have put together the most frequently asked questions to make it even easier for you next time you book a taxi from Oslo airport. Feel free to contact us if there is anything else you are wondering about or need help with.

Is taxi from Gardermoen to Oslo expensive?

The drive from Gardermoen to Oslo is quite long, about 50 kilometers. Therefore, is does not fall under the category “short trip” or “cheap transport”.  By comparison, a taxi ride from Moss to Oslo will be at the same price level.

It’s always beneficial using the booking machines outside Gardermoen airport when booking a taxi. You get a price overview and can choose the taxi you want accordingly.

Is it possible to complain if I’m not pleased with the trip?

Yes, it is. You can complain directly to the driver’s company or take it through us in Taxi Guide. You must provide a description of your experience, photo or copy of the receipt and contact information. Be sure to include the taxi’s license number, time, date and price specification if you take a picture of the receipt.

Are taxi drivers allowed to surround the customers and ask them where they are headed?

No, of course not. The drivers can stay outside their own taxi, but they can’t approach the customer before the customers visits the driver or gives a sign that they are interested in talking with them.

Can I choose any taxi I want, even if it’s at the back of the queue?

Yes, you have full freedom to choose exactly the taxi you want.

I’m traveling with kids. Who is responsible for protecting the child properly inside the car?

The driver of the car is responsible for ensuring that the rules concerning protection of children are followed and done correctly.

Is it possible to ask for a short trip?

Yes, it is. All drivers have to drive you wherever you want regardless of whether the trip is short or long.


We have answered the most common questions.

Got to questions and answers


We have answered the most common questions.

Got to questions and answers